Leading podiatrist and foot surgeon from Columbus, GA, performs “frame over nail” procedure using the Orthofix system. This groundbreaking procedure addresses diabetic Charcot Foot.

In a groundbreaking surgical procedure on March 7th, Dr. Jennifer Monaco, DPM, a leading foot and ankle surgeon affiliated with the Ankle & Foot Centers of America, has successfully completed the first “frame over nail” operation using the Orthofix system for a complex diabetic Charcot deformity in Columbus, GA. This innovative approach marks a significant advancement in the treatment of foot and ankle deformities, offering new hope to patients suffering from conditions that were previously deemed challenging to manage.

Dr. Monaco, fellowship-trained in deformity correction, utilized the Frail technique, a novel approach to foot and ankle fusion pioneered by Dr. William Terrell of Marietta, GA. Dr. Monaco is the only foot surgeon in Columbus, GA, trained by Dr. Terrell in this cutting-edge technique. The procedure combines internal fixation and external fixation by Orthofix, allowing for precise compression and deformity correction through a computer-assisted hexapod. The use of Orthofix’s TL Hex system, made of aluminum for strength without bulk, enables patients to bear weight more comfortably during their recovery.

The “frame over nail” technique with the Orthofix system represents a significant leap forward in podiatric surgery, particularly for patients with diabetic Charcot deformity, a condition that can lead to severe complications if not treated effectively. Dr. Monaco’s expertise and the application of this advanced technology ensure that patients receive the highest standard of care, with improved outcomes and faster recovery times.

Dr. Monaco’s achievement underscores her commitment to excellence in podiatric medicine and her dedication to bringing the latest advancements in foot and ankle surgery to the Columbus, GA, community. As the only surgeon in the area trained in the Frail technique, Dr. Monaco is at the forefront of innovative treatments for foot and ankle deformities, offering patients access to world-class care close to home.

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About Dr. Jennifer Monaco, DPM
Dr. Jennifer Monaco is a distinguished foot and ankle surgeon practicing in Columbus, GA, and a proud member of the Ankle & Foot Centers of America. With a fellowship at The Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics in Pediatric and Adult deformity correction, Dr. Monaco specializes in advanced surgical techniques for the treatment of foot and ankle conditions, ensuring her patients receive the best possible outcomes.