There are nerves in my feet?

April is foot health awareness month! Did you know that the nerves in your feet start in your brain- your central nervous system to be exact- Brain and spinal cord are the central hub for all nerves in your body, Just think about that- A person who is 7′ tall has nerves that go from

Don’t Forget to Look at your feet!

April is foot health awareness month, 30 days to start understanding the body parts that ground us, that keep us moving, that stop and start us , that help us run towards things and help us run away from things. 28 bones in each foot- carry the load of the human above them. Take care

Columbus, GA Podiatrist Advances Expertise in Orthoplastic Techniques and Limb Reconstruction

COLUMBUS, Ga., May 30, 2023 ( – Dr. Jennifer Monaco, a distinguished fellowship trained podiatric surgeon, has recently augmented her exceptional skill set in limb reconstruction by completing a mini fellowship in orthoplastic techniques. Dr. Monaco embarked on this educational journey by traveling to Chicago, Illinois, USA, where she had the privilege of mentoring under the