April is foot health awareness month, 30 days to start understanding the body parts that ground us, that keep us moving, that stop and start us , that help us run towards things and help us run away from things. 28 bones in each foot- carry the load of the human above them. Take care of them! ” How can we do that Dr Jen?” Well its simple. LOOK at them, I know I know that is “too easy” but I have practiced long enough to know that not every body does this every day. Everyday is a new day, a opportunity to live life to its fullest, but as many of my patients say “if your feet hurt.. everything hurts!” Lets start with that, many people think that foot pain is normal. I’m here to tell you, its not. If your feet hurt, they are trying to tell you something. LOOK at them, is there swelling at the end of your sock? Is there a thick pad of skin under your big toe or on top of your pinky toe? Is there a red rash? small area of pigment change-dark spots, light spots, red spots? blue spots? Do the toes curl down or lean over? Is there even an arch to your foot? Not sure Call Me Dr Jen