The fourth month of the year has been designated “Foot Health Awareness Month” every since I was a student doctor in New York City- rumor has it there is a video of me with Mr. Price the CBS weather man in either 2005 0r 2006 wearing a Foot Health Awareness shirt outside of the morning show- extra points if someone can post it in the comments!-and given my 20+ years in the profession, I can assure you it predates me by many generations. April is a great month to talk about foot health, as it is the beginning of the spring season when the weather, in most of our great country becomes a draw to get outside, whether its yardwork, gardening, hunting, fishing, hiking, bouldering, climbing or surfing, Spring is all about new life, many of us are well into our New Year’s resolutions to “get healthy” and some of us may have forgot about those promises to our selves in January but we can always get back on track- April is a month of bright skies and sunshine, despite the nursey rhyme. Given the launch into warmer weather, longer days and more time outside, its a great time to talk about those things below our knees that move us where we want to go!